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Released: 2009
Director: Gazzman
Notes: Harmony
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Running time: 176 mins.

It's a fresh term at the prestigious Fudgley School for Young Ladies and a new intake of pupils from both Britain and Europe are keen to attend the first lecture. Head Teacher Oliver Sanchez has a table laden with sex toys and Carla Cox, Kiesha Kane, Felicia Brottom and Penelope Heart are all going to get a chance to use them. But first he takes Denice K off for some individual tuition with Clark Kent on the art of pleasing two teachers.

Licking on a long glass rod, Carla Cox is told by Oliver how this is the key to unlocking unbridled pleasures, then gives her a practical lesson on his cock.

Felicia Brottom is caught in the kitchen by teacher Ian Tait with her fingers up her arse. Anal without instruction from a master is against school rules, but he'll help put this right.

Handed a video camera, Kiesha records as she pleasures herself. She points the lens at her breasts as she unbuttons her blouse, then tracks down to her white cotton panties as a finger slips into her pussy. Next she licks a pink toy and plunges it deep into her pussy, filming the dripping results. Her hand moves to explore her arse. She hikes up her short black dress and starts to probe. Teachers Oliver and Ian appear, their cocks hanging from their pants. Grasping one tightly, Kiesha starts to suck as the second is eased between her legs. Stripping down to her knee-length white socks, she sits on Oliver's shaft. With Kiesha lying across a cushion, the teachers take turns filling her pussy and arse. She gags on the juice covered chebs. Kiesha turns over to let the boys hammer away missionary, then swallows Oliver's spunk as Ian squirts his load over her pussy.

Oliver keeps Penelope back after lessons to teach her a little discipline. Making her kneel on a chair with her black skirt lifted, he rolls his cane over her bum. Upon seeing her flame orange knickers, Oliver decides that a different type of punishment may be appropriate. Pulling her panties to one side, he pushes his thumb into her bum. Turning round, Penelope is faced with Oliver's cock. Opening her mouth, she pokes her tonsils with his length. Blouse off and boobs out, Penelope lowers herself onto Oliver's rod and gently rocks. He teases her clit as she rides. Sitting on Oliver's face, Penelope falls forward to 69. The two move to the wooden floor and fuck spoons. Penelope intersperses the shagging with some sucking. Oliver shoots his load into Penelope's pussy. She digs out the cream and licks her fingers.

In the dormitory, Paige Denice, Felicia and Cara want to put into practice what they've learnt during the day. Unbuttoning their blouses, the girls explore the curves of each other's breasts. Then they use their tongues to trace their way towards one another's pussies and lick. Knickers discarded, Denice is teased by a bulbous-headed toy. Paige takes a chance to taste pussy. Pouring lube over each other, the four slip and slide over each other's flesh as they finger and toy. Denice has her pussy filled from a water bottle and squirts it out over the bench. Lying in a heap, the four masturbate when head Oliver appears. Letting the girls continue, he jerks his jizz over their faces.

In the hands of a lesser director, the 'Young Harlots' series could have become jaded and stale by now. But Gazzman is a cut above nearly all others in the field and his latest Harlots film, Private Lessons, is still fresh and full of new ideas. As with the other 'Harlots', a top class cast and great performances show how good British made films can be. Well done Harmony, well done Gazzman. Another award winning film.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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