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Released: 2010
Director: Gazzman
Notes: Harmony
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Running time: 165 mins.

After a slightly disappointing sojourn to the States for a School Trip, the Young Harlots have returned to Europe to continue their education.

Surveying the new intake at his exclusive Hungarian boarding school, it's clear that headmaster Oliver Sanchez and his staff will have to lick the girls into shape. He calls in French pupil Sharon Lee to test her sexual aptitude.

From her class work it's plain that Roxy Taggart is ready to progress. Teachers George Uhl and Jazz Duro take her aside for some lessons in anal.

Having misbehaved, Jazz tells the girls they know what the punishment is. One-by-one they unbutton their blouses and remove their bras before allowing their skirts to fall to the floor. Suspecting Logan of being the leader, Jazz has something special for her. Sitting at their desks, the girls watch as she gets fucked. Then they slowly drift away.

Head girl Michelle Moist has brought Alexa to Jazz's room. He wants to see how she's getting on with her anal homework. Removing her blazer, Michelle bends Alexa forward. Short skirt lifted, Michelle licks at Alexa's bum. Knickers are slipped over hips. Teacher Jazz is invited to sniff the damp panties while Michelle parts Alexa's arse cheeks and tongues her. Handed a huge black butt plug, Michelle trickles lube over Alexa's arse and pushes it in. Her hole gaping, Alexa is ready for the teacher's rod. Tugging at Jazz's trousers, Michelle stiffens his prick in her mouth and guides it towards the waiting Alexa. Michelle laps at the lube covered length. Climbing onto the teacher's bed, the two girls kiss. Blouse undone, Jazz runs his dick between the pair's breasts. With Alexa lowered onto Jazz for some reverse anal, Michelle lets her tongue dart and dance over Alexa's pussy. Stripped to her stockings, head girl Michelle gets her chance on the staff's staff. She eases Jazz into her pussy for some missionary action, before climbing onto his cock for some reverse riding. Rolling onto her back, the teacher hammers home hard, firing his load over Michelle's pussy and Alexa's face.

Henessy has been summoned to the head's room. Heading off to a party, Oliver and George want to ensure that she's properly dressed and can cope with two guys.

With Foreign Exchange, Gazzman and his Young Harlots are back to their best. Over five scenes, Oliver, Jazz and George take the girls through their paces in sizzling hot action and they all emerge with straight A's. This new addition to the Young Harlots series is one of the best yet.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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