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Released: 2011
Director: Gazzman
Notes: Harmony
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Running time: 164 mins.

Stuck in an exclusive boarding school in a foreign land, young Scot Kaitlyn Andrews feels lonely and homesick. She phones her friend Hannah for support and sympathy, telling of the depraved and perverted staff and the all too willing girls. Instead of offering solace, Hannah wants the full sordid details of life in the school.

Confronted by three teachers, Summer Breeze starts to tease them, rubbing her lolly against her panties. Headmaster Tony de Sergio thinks Summer's actions are a little too genteel for pupils under his control. He wants to see something harder and hotter.

Blindfolded Mandy Dee is an object of lesbian experimentation for Euphrat, Antonia and Henessy. After testing and teasing her pussy and arse, the scene becomes a four girl orgy of tongues and toys.

Honey is stopped on the back stairs as she makes her way to class. Teacher George has some special tuition to give her with his cock.

Entering the dormitory, Kaitlyn and her room mate Kari strip off and get into bed. With the girls asleep, George creeps in and gently lifts Kari's bedclothes. She opens her eyes as he caresses her breasts. She wriggles out of her knickers to feel his fingers in her pussy. Kaitlyn awakes to see her friend with George's cock crammed between her lips. She climbs out of bed to assist with the licking. George reaches down for Kaitlyn's fanny and starts to finger her. Panties peeled off, he gets the girls to kneel and fucks them doggy. A quick lick of his dick and they turn round for some more. George lets a load fly over Kaitlyn's back. Kari laps it off. He still has more to offer. Kari lies on her bed to be taken missionary. Kaitlyn squeezes at her boobs. The girls 69, with George banging between Kari's legs. Crying out, she climaxes. Getting the girls on top of each other, George moves back and forth. Kaitlyn rolls off to be shagged. The teacher's body stiffens and he empties a second load over Kari's stomach. Kaitlyn rubs in the cream.

Headmaster Tony is surprised when Henessy and Mandy burst into his office. Turning the tables, the girls force him to have sex.

Gazzman has made a great find in new actress Kaitlyn Andrews. She displays a touch of naive innocence. Until, that is, she combines with European girl Kari to create some sizzling, hot action. The other girls in the film also produce some scorching sex scenes against a chateau style backdrop. Top marks again for the staff and students in Young Harlots Learn the Rules.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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