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Released: 2011
Director: Gazzman
Notes: Harmony
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Running Time: 130 mins.

With snow lying on the ground, the staff and pupils of the Young Harlots Academy are stuck indoors. Jessie Volt, Bibi Noel and Ashlynn Leigh, along with British pair Daniella Cole and Hannah Shaw, find other ways to occupy themselves - which gets them into trouble.

Daniella relaxes in a nice warm bath. The door slowly opens. Teacher Clarke creeps across the room towards her and pulls his prick from his pants. Daniella opens her eyes to find Clarke's cock inches from her face. She licks the tip and pops it into her mouth. Clarke runs his damp dick through Daniella's cleavage. Grabbing hold of it, she crams the cheb down her throat. Balanced on the edge of the bath, Clarke lowers his new pupil onto his length. The pair climb out of the bath. Danielle continues to ride. Moving to the couch, Clarke thrusts deep into Daniella. She waits open-mouthed to catch his cum.

Entering a bedroom, blonde-haired Bibi Noel slips out of her school uniform and sits on the arm of a sofa. Hannah sneaks up behind Bibi and starts to caress her breasts. Dropping to her knees, Hannah laps at Bibi's pussy. The noise they make attracts the attention of teachers Clarke and Kai. The girls know the punishment for lesbian behaviour. Kai pulls out his prick while Clarke looks on. The errant pupils lick their way along his length. Hannah's black skirt and purple panties come down. Mr Taylor eases his dick past her ripped fishnets and into her pussy. Bibi presses her boobs against Hannah's as she laps at the bonking pair. Kia flips over to let Bibi sit on his face. Hannah straddles his manhood and rides reverse. Clarke decides to add a second cock to the proceedings. Hannah tongues the tip. Facing each other on all fours, the girls kiss as they're fucked from behind. Twisting onto her back, Hannah takes the boys at both ends. The teachers sit down and lower the pair onto their dicks. Hannah and Bibi bounce in unison. Slipping on to her side, Hannah is taken spoons. She straightens up to wank at Kia's cheb. With the girls requiring a little more punishment, the teachers pound into Bibi and Hannah's pussies before shooting spunk into their waiting mouths. Draining every last drop, the girls let the cream plop on to their breasts.

Gazzman has produced another fine two hours worth of entertainment where teachers endeavour to show young harlots the errors of their ways. For fans of the series Young Offenders is another great film to add to the collection.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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