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Released: 2011
Director: Gazzman
Notes: Harmony
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Running Time: 152 mins.

Syren Sexton has gathered the girls at the select finishing school for a meeting. With summer holidays looming, they have no money. Megan Coxxx has an idea - make some porn. Scanning the internet, she finds a site where the girls can sell their movies. Now all they need is for the teachers to have sex with Nataly Von, Ivana, Rachel Evens, Zuzanna and Megan. It should be easy to capture all the action on hidden cameras.

At her careers talk with Mr Kent, Zuzanna tells him how she wants to be on television. Passing him her video camera, Mr Kent starts to film but soon things get out of hand...

Climbing the stairs to see her teacher, Danny, Syren straightens her fishnet stockings and ensures that her short black skirt is showing just a little too much leg. As she sits outside his office, she flicks through the Young Harlots site on her phone. When Danny catches her he notices how Syren is dressed like the girls in the pictures. Dropping to his knees, Danny laps at Syren's white panties. His fingers undo the buttons on her blouse. Aroused, she lets him suck at her erect nipples and pulls at his pants. Danny's cock flies out hitting her in the face. Fingers wrapped around his girth, Syren takes the shaft between her lips. She throws her head back to take his mighty member down her throat. Knickers off, Syren spreads her legs. Danny drives his dick into her pussy. Turning onto her side, the two continue to shag. On her hands and knees on the sofa, Syren is filled from behind. She loosens her skirt to ride reverse. Sprawled over Danny's face, Syren tastes her juices from his cheb and slides down to mount him, cowgirl. Unable to hold back, Danny fires his cum over Syren's bum. She licks the last few drops from his dick.

The girls have teacher Danny blindfold in their dormitory. Kissing, they press against his body. Nataly Von and Megan move aside for some girl-on girl-action, leaving Megan Coxx and Ivana to play with Danny's prick. Pushed on to a table, Ivana lies on Danny to hold him still. She leans forward so Megan C can wank his cock into her mouth. Ivana slithers down Danny's body. Megan C feeds his cheb past her pink panties and laps at the pair. Wandering over the room, Megan C grabs Megan's blouse and tugs. Buttons go flying. Writhing, they bite each other's boobs. With Ivana being taken anally on the table, Megan C adjusts the camera to capture her with Nataly and Megan. The three girls cram toys and fingers into pussies and arses. A quick lick of Danny's dick and Megan C rejoins the threeway girl action. With spunk spattered over Ivana's face, the four have the footage they need.

With Syren and her camera concealed behind a curtain in the staff room, Nataly arrives to tell Clarke and George she has a problem with her arse. It needs to be filled to cure her.

A fight breaks out between Megan C and Rachel as to who is the prettiest. Tops are torn open and bras tugged off as the two thrash about on the bed. The noise attracts the attention of teacher Danny. He gets the girls to strip to their panties so he can decide who is, indeed, the prettiest. Megan and Rachel kneel on the bed. Danny licks between their legs. Unzipping his prick, he wants to see what each girl can do with his tool. The two lick along his length. Megan is the first to stuff his shaft into her mouth. Rachel follows, taking Danny's meat down her throat. Dropping her knickers, Megan gets Rachel to tongue at her snatch. Danny plants his prick deep into her moist pussy. Down on her hands and knees, Rachel gets her turn to satisfy teacher. Magan laps at the fucking pair. The girls lie on top of each other. Danny darts from pussy to pussy. Arranging the pair side-by-side, he goes back and forth between Megan and Rachel. Finally, he shoots his jezz over the girls boobs. They lick at his cream.

Filming finished, the girls send in their tape and wait for the money.

This film has something for everyone. Syren is sizzling in her boy/girl scene and Megan Coxxx shows she is excited by both pussy and cock. With Young Harlots Dirty Business, Gazzman has produced another top film.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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