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Released: 2011
Director: Gazzman
Notes: Harmony
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Running Time: 156 mins.

To cope with the intake of new girls at Harlots Academy, headmaster Tony De Sergio decides it's time to introduce fresh blood to the teaching staff, as well as new methods.

Taking the first lesson himself, Tony takes star pupil Nicol Sweet for some private poetry reading. Blindfolding her will enhance her senses. As will his prick in her mouth and pussy.

Danny D appears to have all the credentials necessary to join the Academy staff. The only problem is funding. Handing over £4,000 to head Tony, he is assured of a job and starts straight away by finishing Avril's education.

Marc Rose like Danny is finding his feet. Tony has arranged for some hands on experience with Kit Cox. Sitting on a chair in the middle of an empty room, Kit lifts her short black skirt and rubs her fingers against her black panties. Walking behind her, Marc runs his hands over her white blouse and fondles her breasts. Bending down, he laps at her fishnet clad bum. slowly stripping her, he moves up Kit's body and bites at her boobs. Knickers tugged down and fishnets torn, Marc admires the cherry embellishment above Kit's pussy as he slips in his fingers. Trousers down, he gives her permission to suck his prick. Sitting on a chair, Marc lowers Kit onto his member. Relocating to a bay window, the two continue to fuck. Kit jerks Mr Rose's jezz into her mouth and lets it dribble onto her tits.

French girl Coco Charnal is having problems getting her tongue around English. Danny and Mr De Sergio are at hand with their dicks to help her out.

Head master Tony and head mistress Shay Hendrix call Danny to the staff room to assess his progress. They watch as he gives a practical demonstration with Coco. Happy with what they see, Shay and Tony decide it's time to refresh their technique. Tony's hand slowly advances up Shay's stocking. She caresses her crotch as he moves to her breasts. Helping Shay out of her dress, Tony pulls and plays with her polka dot lingerie, then makes a lunge at her boobs. Dropping back onto the staff room sofa, Shay tweaks her nipples as she feels Tony's hot breath and tongue on her snatch. Reaching for his cheb, Shay falls to her knees and fills her face with Tony's length. Straddling the Headmaster, Shay sinks down onto his spit-covered shaft and grinds away. The two tumble onto their sides. With Shay down on all fours, Tony drives hard into her pussy. The pair turn over so she can ride the cock cowgirl. A session of missionary follows and Shay is showered in cream. They haven't lost their touch.

Unlike some series which become tired and jaded, Gazzman's Young Harlots goes from strength-to-strength. In Carnal Education things are kept fresh with the introduction of new girls from Britain and Europe. Their performances match those of the more established stars. It's also nice to see Shay on the staff of the Harlot's Academy. Let's hope post becomes permanent. Carnal Education is another worthy addition to the Young Harlots series.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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