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Released: 2007
Director: Kendo
Notes: Dreamlight Studios
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Running time: 95 mins.

With ghouls, gore and ghosts, the undead come to life in Kendo's Zombie Nation.

Shouting and screaming, Elizabeth is chased along darkened corridors by clomping, lurching, creatures. Reaching the stairs, she starts to climb. A hand reaches out from between the treads and clasps her. She turns to be confronted by an undead Jay. He tugs at Elizabeth's boobs. They come out of her black dress. His fingers find her pussy. She shies away. Elizabeth soon submits to the white faced spectre as he sucks at her pussy. Unzipping Jay's pants, she swallows the zombie's shaft. Jay sits on the stairs pulling Elizabeth onto his prick and hammering hard. She falls forward. Jay takes her doggy style. Lying on the stairs, Jay thrusts into Elizabeth. Pulling out, he coats her stomach and tits with jizz.

In her innocent white attire, Antonia has been chained up in a fog-filled cemetery by zombie James. She squirms as he tweaks and bites at her nipples. Freeing a hand, she reaches for his dick. Released from her shackles, Antonia drops to her knees. Her lace gloved fingers wrap round James's cock. Her pierced tongue darts over the head. A blood spattered Stefan reels out of the gloom. Getting his prick out of his pants, Antonia sucks. Lying over a stool, Antonia's pussy and mouth are filled. The boys swap ends. Down on the floor, Antonia rides the pair reverse, her clit rings glinting in the eerie half light. Sitting up, the boys spatter Antonia's boobs with spunk.

Diana Gold, Kate Jones and Sandra Sanchez also find that while the body may be dead, the dick is still working in this slightly menacing movie.

Director Kendo and the effects team have drawn on some classic horror imagery for the scary stuff in this film. With hands shooting out of graves and pale blood spattered flesh aplenty, they've done an excellent job. Top marks also for the guys and girls. It would have been all too easy to ham up the action and spoil the sense of menace. If you are looking for a horror movie with plenty of hot action, Zombie Nation is as good as it gets. But don't watch it alone in the dark!!!

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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