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'Simon Sheridan' Synopsis:

A hotch-potch of outrageous lies and fantastic fabrications. The book was co-written by the late David Weldon (Mary's probation officer during her infamous Old Bailey trial in November 1977). Unfortunately Mary stretched the truth rather too much claiming, among other things, that her father was a German mountain-climber and she was once married to the heir of a French porcelain business! Mary only tells it like it is when talking about aspects of her childhood, her mother's illness and her brushes with the law and personal battles against censorship.

Title: The Amazing Mary Millington

Author: Mary Millington & Dave Whedon

ISBN: 0708814530

'Loaded' Book of the Month:

Here, in intricate and quite literally anal detail, is the history and background to all the major hardcore films of the last four decades. Every key porn star and director gets a lengthy entry, so to speak: John Holmes, Mary Millington, Traci Lords, Jenna Jameson, Ben Dover, the woman from the Oxo ads and Leslie Philips....Flint avoids mere titillation in favour of hard details.

Title: Babylon Blue - An Illustrated History Of Adult Cinema

Author: David Flint

ISBN: 1840680024

'Amazon' Synopsis:

A revealing account of the author's years in the offices of two soft-porn magazines. It describes encounters with crank callers, models, postboys, readers' wives, saucy crossword compilers and sex-publishing barons. It aims to demystify the glamour and sleaze surrounding the soft-porn industry.

Title: Blue Period - Notes from a Life in the Titillation Trade

Author: Nicholas Whittaker

ISBN: 0575401702

'Loaded' Book of the Month:

Up until her suicide 20 years ago, Mary Millington was living a right old life. Britain's favourite porn star, bisexual, sex-campaigner and coke-fiend, she was also the lover of both Diana Dors and former PM Harold Wilson. She was a bona fide 70s icon. Here we have a book that celebrates her life and films and is packed with nudie pics, film posters and film stills.

Title: Come Play With Me - The Life and Films of Mary Millington

Author: Simon Sheridan

ISBN: 0952926075

'Amazon' Review:

This is a very well written history of the british sex film from the late 50s to the early 80s, from the early nudist films to the last commercially released sex film Emmanuelle in soho in 1982. It comments on all the films released in this period and the major Directors like George Harrison Marks, Derek Ford and Stanley Long and Stars like Mary Millington and Fiona Richmond.

Title: Doing Rude Things - History of the British Sex Film, 1957-81

Author: David McGillivray

ISBN: 0951701223

'Amazon' Synopsis:

Practical instruction on using the camera, setting up lighting and planning your shoot is accompanied by inspirational ideas for themes, illustrated with colour photographs, to get you in the mood. Written by an innovative young art-school-trained professional erotic film-maker, the book will appeal to the adventurous and stylish everywhere.

Title: Erotic Home Videos - create your own adult films

Author: Anna Span

ISBN: 1842229478

'Headpress' Synopsis:

FLESHPOT is a guide to the genres, personalities and trends that have set screens aflame since the dawn of motion pictures - from the pioneering American pre-code talkies and the racy European imports of the forties and fifties, to hard-core and beyond! Content includes JOLLY HOCKEY STICKS! A profile of the notorious John Lindsay, owner of Londonís Taboo cinema club, who was busted and acquitted for making hard-core feature films in Britain in the 1970s.

Title: FLESHPOT: Cinema's Sexual Myth Makers And Taboo Breakers

Author: Jack Stevenson

ISBN: 1900486121

'Amazon' Synopsis:

Part secret cultural history, part confessional, FLESH TRADE is one man's trawl through the good, the bad and the ugly of the UK sex underground. Bruce Barnard decided he wanted to get behind the lurid tabloid headlines and the sex industry PR campaign to see what really lay in the belly of the beast. The result isn't wholly pleasant, but it is filthy, disturbing, often funny and always fascinating.

Flesh Trade - reviewed by Bayleaf

Title: Flesh Trade: Tales from the UK Sexual Underground

Author: Bruce Barnard

ISBN: 1900486431

'Amazon' Synopsis:

Simon Sheridan traces the history of the British sex film from its beginnings in such coy nudist camp films as Some Like It Cool (directed by Michael Winner in 1960), through to its boom years with the Confessions films and their many imitators, to its demise following censorship clampdowns and the introduction of home video in the early 1980s.

Title: Keeping The British End Up - Four Decades of Saucy Cinema

Author: Simon Sheridan

ISBN: 1903111927

'No Exit Press' Review:

The chance discovery of a 30 year old blue movie leads back to the film's maker, Tim Purdom, and the London of the late fifties and early sixties. Purdom was a pioneer of the B&W British porno film and a figure on the periphery of the Profumo sex scandal. He directed eight films...but who was directing him and what was their hidden agenda? And where is Tim now?

Title: London Blues

Author: Anthony Frewin

ISBN: 1568581467

'Amazon' Review:

This is the story of two friends, Vicky and Charlie, who got bored with the terrible plotlines of the porn films that they had to review, so they decided to make their own. They packed their bags and headed for America to pick the brains of the top stars and directors of the adult movie scene, before going to Amsterdam to make their porn masterwork.

Title: Once More With Feeling - How we tried to make the greatest porn film ever

Author: Victoria Coren & Charlie Skelton

ISBN: 1841154377

'Amazon' Synopsis:

A mix of reportage, interviews and critical analysis, the text takes the reader from a hardcore screening in a trendy West Hollywood multiplex to a hole-in-wall vendor in London's East End; from an English courtroom scene to an adult film production unit in Los Angeles. "Pornocopia" features interviews with leading porn producers as well as leading porn actresses.

Title: Pornocopia - Porn, Sex, Technology & Desire

Author: Laurence O'Toole

ISBN: 1852427205

'Iain Fisher' Synopsis:

Linzi Drew is a proud porn star, who worked as a stripper on ABC of British Music then got the part in Ken's sublime Aria. She is also in Salome and Lair. Her biography starts off kiss-and-tell (well, screw-and-tell) but the second half, dealing with the Russell films, and her trial and imprisonment, are very good. While in an open prison she helped mentally handicapped people.

'Simon Sheridan' Synopsis:

The amazing story of Stanley Long Britain's most prolific - and profitable - independent filmmaker of all time. From Stanley's humble beginnings as a wedding photographer to his life as a millionaire sexploitation legend, 'X-Rated' leaves no bed sheet unturned as it reveals the real truth behind the homegrown sex movie business. Dubbed the 'King of Sexploitation' by the press, Stanley became the undisputed master of adults-only cinema, capturing hundreds of naked bodies on film.

Title: X-rated: Adventures of an Exploitation Filmmaker

Author: Stanley Long with Simon Sheridan

ISBN: 190528778X

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