Getting into Porn - Paul's View

This is written by a UK male hardcore performer who works in the low budget/amateur area. I do it because I love having sex in front of the camera.

  • Girls - very easy, but to make good money you really need to enjoy sex with strangers while other people take pics. (If you do not enjoy it, it will show, and you won't get a lot of work, and you will regret doing it). If you want to know more contact me. I know a lot of producers and agents in the UK and USA.
  • Couples - very easy, but if you only want to work with each other, you will be limited. If serious, drop me a line.
  • Guys - Lots of guys want to do this.

First thing, you can forget about earning money as a performer unless you are under 25, fit, good looking, with decent endowment, repeater, who can cum on demand where and when instructed. And you have to be available where and when needed. These shoots, esp with high production values, can actually be very stop/start and actually quite boring.

If you don't fit that lot, and want to make money, you will have to get into production. If you don't fuss about money, but want to have fun, you can succeed, if you try. For fun the more amateur type is best - lots more action and less stopping and starting. Sometimes the girls even cum.

So, to proceed :-

  1. Get an HIV Certificate.
  2. Get a hardcore portfolio. Hire a girl, and another stud, have someone take photos and video. Use this to promote yourself directly to producers. (Having another stud shows that you can perform with other guys around in MFM stuff etc. It also convinces people that the girl isn't just your girlfriend.)

Also contact agents, but in my experience most of them tend to work with a few guys that they know and use a lot, whereas producers are more open to new people.


You will need to shoot Mini DV on a 3 chip camcorder, i.e. this is basically broadcast quality. You will need a couple of studio lights if shooting in homes/hotels.

Studios are 50-100 quid a session. They normally include lights for this.

You will need girls, booked mainly through agencies at first, and you should use an extra guy, for the simple reason that cum shots make money, and why settle for two if you can get four. Plus DP and other MFM needs the extra M.

You will need each model to sign a release, and provide signed photocopies of two forms of ID, one of which should include their photo.

Most people start by sending the shoots to the Viewers Wives type of place, and this covers, or nearly so, their costs while they learn how to shoot good stuff.

Good money takes some time to develop, and means that you have to treat it as a business - meet potential distributors, do deals etc - but it can be a good living or just good extra money.

How I can help

I run and am also a male performer and camerman.

I can help new girls trying to get into the industry as I have many photographer/producer contacts, and will show you how to promote yourself etc. For guys, I can help, but it will cost you (you need that initial shoot).

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