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Wendy Taylor's Stud HuntI'm presently filming my new series of videos which will go before the BBFC for R18 certification.

If you'd like to be a new "stud" on one of my shoots with me and maybe some other girls, you'll need a current HIV certificate (I can give you details of how to get one if you like) and, if chosen for the shoot, you must bring it with you along with 2 forms of identification. Whilst you wouldn't be paid for the scene, the video would be your "in" into the business and as I intend to distribute the video worldwide you could use it as a promotional tool for yourself. The producers I know would also see it and get my recommendation. On the other hand you could just treat it as a one off :-)

If you're up for it then please let me know. E-mail me at Some more details about yourself would be nice too just so as I know you're not some sort of mad axe murderer out to prey on poor porn stars! Please also send a recent nude pic.

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