Anna Span's Advice on Becoming a Pornstar

Hi, this is Anna Span, Britain's first female porn director.

I've run my own production company for nine years and have had over 200 scenes aired to date on TVX and The Adult Channel. I have hardcore DVDs available through Rude Britannia and my own company, Easy on the Eye Productions. I've also had a book published called 'Erotic Home Video' which explains how couples can make their own home porn films.

In short, I know what it takes to make a good pornstar as well as the pitfalls that you need to avoid...

Anna Span

Consider the following:-

  • Your images, once out, will be worldwide forever. They cannot be removed by producers at your request if you later change your mind (we sell the rights on to other companies). Do take time to think of the consequences. e.g. Will you ever want to teach children, etc?

  • To be a good performer requires good looks, perseverance and a large dollop of interpersonal skills. Are you good with people, easy going and most of all, reliable (the reliable ones get most of the work)?

  • A good porn star will take pride in their appearance and not just rely on being the 'new' face. This means going to the gym, keeping yourself clean, getting your hair done, etc. (this includes blokes, too).

  • The industry in the UK has a health standard of an HIV and full STD certificate with proof of identification on it. THIS MUST BE UNDER 30 DAYS OLD ON THE DAY OF THE SHOOT!!! Decent producers should not work with you without this paperwork. Tests are either free, cheap or up to 180 per month depending on where you live and how organised you are about getting booked in advance. Don't bother getting a test until you get on an agency's books or have been promised work. The tests take a week to develop. Always check the other performer's tests yourself.

  • Take pride in your performance and learn from other performers on how to improve. Add your own personal touch/speciality to help make you stand out from the crowd. The UK is still way behind the US and Europe in terms of quality of performance (not all of you - some are really great). We need to improve in order to compete internationally, which should mean more cash for all you stars and wannabes at the end of the day.

Wannabes - Women

  1. Nina Hartley once said "Don't do at work what you wouldn't do at home for free. Know your boundaries and stick to them". In other words, just because you may want to do something in the future doesn't mean that you have to do it all in the beginning. Don't listen to producers/agents who say you must do everything, or you won't get work - that's not true.

  2. Apply to all the model agencies plus individual production companies listed on this site with a head and shoulder photo + full nude (standing) photo. Don't send a million variations of photos as this just clogs up e-mail addresses unnecessarily.

  3. Industry video rates are around: 300 Girl/Girl, 350 Boy/Girl, 400 Boy/Girl + Anal, 450 Double Penetration or more (circa Spring 2006). Plus reasonable travel expenses with lunch provided (usually).

  4. There's a market for all types of women big and small, old and young, so don't be put off.

  5. Be sure to ask producers/agents what exactly you will be expected to do on the day of the shoot. They should stick to the agreement, but so should you too!

Wannabes - Men

Many guys dream of being a pornstar, the reality is...

  1. You MUST get it up whether you fancy a girl or not! It's your job to override any negative chemistry when you're working. That is what you are being paid for.

  2. You have to keep it up 1-4 hours and perform acts you may not like doing (not all guys are into anal).

  3. You have to cum on command. Some producers will pay you nothing if you don't do all of the above.

  4. Men get between 150-350 per scene (circa Spring 2006) depending on the producer. This is why there are so few male performers who work regularly.

And finally...

If you are still keen to try out, I employ newcomers on my shoots. I am always looking for attractive, confident performers who have good bodies, although there is always a backlog of guys wishing to try out, so you will have to wait for an audition I'm afraid. Please be aware, if you aren't confident to send nude pictures with erection, by e-mail to me, you are not ready to enter the industry. A Lot of guys ask to meet in person as an initial view, but I wouldn't have time to do anything else if I said yes to you all. I don't want fattish or average looking men, there are enough of those in porn already (other producers may have a different view as they aren't trying to appeal to female as well as male viewers. If you don't have a honed physique try one of them).

Send one good head and shoulders picture + one full length body nude picture (men with erections must have at least 6" measured from on top) to: or, if you prefer, try the other model agencies and producers, many of whom are listed in the BGAFD links section. Please don't send loads of photos, they just clog up my inbox, and please send all required photos at once.

This is not a conclusive list and my experience is strictly with video, but I hope it helps.

IMPORTANT: Please do NOT apply if you are NOT UK based and legal to work here - we only pay UK travel. Also, do not email me for the links of producers abroad. You will have to find those online yourself.

You can find out more about myself and my work at

Anna x

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