Getting into Porn - Paul's advice to models

Many girls in this industry don't make as much money as they would like. There are two simple reasons for this.

  1. Letting people down
  2. Not understanding how to make money

Letting people down

Some girls think that it's OK to cancel at short notice (anything less than 3 days) or even to simply not turn up. Now producers have heard every excuse in the book, and believe none of them. If you let a producer down you are costing him money. He will have booked a venue, guys, maybe other girls, maybe cameraman etc. You're letting him down and could cost him hundreds of pounds, and will certainly waste his time. So ask yourself - is he going to book you again? Is he going to suggest to other producers that they book you? It's a small industry in the UK, everyone talks to each other. Pretty soon you won't get any bookings.

So, the most important thing you can get is a reputation as an organised model. One who turns up on time, does what she promises, and delivers a good show. Once you have that, you will be allowed a little leeway, but until then, if there is any doubt about your doing a shoot, either don't take it or, if say the babysitter says he can't attend, keep the producer informed so that he can either take the risk, move the shoot or even let you go.

If you do rely on other people - baby sitters etc., confirm with them 3-4 days before that they will not let you down.

Making money

The most basic way is to do shoots and be paid for them. Instant cash, but that's it. Most models never get beyond this. Their mistake.

There are two other options that can be very lucrative:-

  1. Your own DVDs
  2. Your own members paysite

As a new model there is little point in trying to make money out of either - DVDs cost money to make, and websites are hard to get people to come to unless they have heard of you already.

But what you should do as a new model is start shooting your own content - video and stills so that when people start to know you and you begin to have fans THEN you can release your own stuff. Very importantly it will be material of how you looked "before you were famous" and people will pay to see it. Also it can be used to provide an income for long after you have retired.

For example, imagine that you have a 3 year career and during that time you do about 2 of your own shoots a month. You'd have maybe 80 hours of video saved up. Create a fan site with 5 hours to start with and add an hour a month from your saved video and you can run it for 5-6 years without actually shooting any new material. If you have 100 members at 5 quid a month that's nice. 1000 members is 60 grand a year. For investing in 2 days a month over 3 years.

But if you don't shoot it you won't have it.

Shooting your own content

Two ways:-

  1. Hire in other models - If you mainly go for b/g and b/b/g then you can expect to pay the guys 100-150. Less if you will let new ones try out :-)
  2. Shared content shoots - Working with other models who also want their own material. Normally all parties work for free and simply take away copies of the material, with paperwork.

Cameramen etc. are normally available at little or no cost - you need good quality results, but not top end ones.

Condoms etc. - for shoots designed for web site use, or to seem to be a record of you just having fun, condoms are OK.

Adopt a modelling name

If you think that you can keep your activities a secret from friends, family and future partners, work colleagues etc., you are probably deluding yourself. This is the internet age. If you think you will regret it if your activities become known to the above, then don't do it in the first place.

But in any case, don't use your real name. Choose a distinctive modelling name and stick to it.


Most producers will offer money for travel, but be realistic - they won't normally pay the whole cost of a train fare from the North to the South. Driving is often the cheapest (certainly the most convenient) way to travel. If you don't drive, spend your earnings learning and then get a secondhand car.


Most producers are happy for you to bring a chaperone (at your own expense), but normally they must wait outside the room where the shoot is taking place.

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