Non-English & Ethnic Models

The categorisation of people is fraught with absurdities and pitfalls. Nevertheless, it is one of the most frequent lines of enquiry in relation to the database.

To this end we have compiled the following lists, comprising non-white and non-English models who feature on BGAFD. Please bear in mind that pigeon-holing people is not a science and we readily acknowledge this page to be nothing more than a subjective guide with no guarantee of biographical accuracy.

With regard to ethnicity, when all the variables are divvied up - genealogy, birthplace, upbringing, skin colour, culture, etc - one man's mocha will as likely be another man's café au lait and that is as it should be. The most important thing is that you enjoy your drink!

This page does not include actresses of foreign nationality who are sufficiently established in the UK to qualify for inclusion on BGAFD.

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