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R18 - Frequently Asked Questions

Information provided by Joe King

Disclaimer: I am not an expert. Some or all of this information might be wrong, misleading or totally false...

  1. BBFC Guidelines
    BBFC Guidelines: The Categories - R18
  2. What the BBFC cut and list
    Joe King: Hardcore R18s
    Melon Farmers: Hardcore R18s Cuts
  3. The R18 story
    Melon Farmers: R18 Story Archive
  4. How much does it cost to censor an R18?
    These are the BBFC's rates as of August 2006:

    "Standard rate fee for all linear works predominantly without spoken language or in which the spoken language is predominantly English (Video / Film / Trailers in all languages / Advertisements in all languages): 8.00 per minute for the 1st hour. 6.00 per minute for the 2nd hour. 4.50 per minute thereafter. Minimum charge for up to 10 minutes 85.00."

    BBFC Submission Fees
  5. How do I obtain an R18?
    At the moment R18s are only legally available from licensed sex shops with provisos. Importing hardcore material is restricted by Customs and Excise.

    "Pornographic material other than that which depicts the type of consensual sexual activity between adults which can be legally purchased in the UK."

    HM Customs and Excise: Restricted and prohibited goods
  6. How does the 18 category differ from R18?
    '18' certified materials can be more violent but sexual content is restricted according to context. In other words, an '18' category work containing elements normally restricted to the 'R18' category such as erect penises, pentrative sex, etc, IS permissible if the BBFC deems it to be a work of artistic merit.

    BBFC Guidelines: The Categories - 18
  7. What was the first R18 hardcore?
    One of these:
    • Moving Violations (Prime Time)
    • Search for the Snow Leopard: Eve of the Hunt (Prime Time)
    • Wicked Cover Girls (Prime Time)
    • Buck Adams' Centerfold (Prime Time)

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