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John Lindsay (1)

John Lindsay and a 1971 "camcorder". These pictures are from the semi-documentary Naughty (1971, 18-cert.) in which there is a behind the scenes look (soft) of John Lindsay filming the loop Sex After School including interviews with John Lindsay, in which he makes many of the same points about porn that are being made today, and the one male and two female performers (one is Lucienne Camille).

There is a soft version of this short which has the highly unrealistic storyline that a girl is doing her homework with a babysitter (Lucienne Camille) present (who looks barely older than the schoolgirl). Lucienne invites her boyfriend in and they have sex on the couch behind the girl at her desk, who watches and then joins in. This is a very strong indication that Lucienne Camille did do hard core.

John Lindsay (2)

Taboo Films (John Lindsay) Logos

The following logos appeared at the start and end of John Lindsay's early loops.

Taboo Logo 4 Taboo Logo 5

The following logos appeared at the start and end of John Lindsay's later loops.

Taboo Logo 1 Taboo Logo 2 Taboo Logo 3

The following screen captures were taken from the start of the John Lindsay loop Sexangle, but they were put on most of his tapes when he re-released them on video in the early 80s (though the colour schemes may have varied).

John Lindsay Intro [1] John Lindsay Intro [2]

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