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British (-based) Girls in Hardcore Films

MadMax's list updated

The identification of British female performers in hardcore films is bedevilled by several problems: their tendency to use several aliases, especially in the early nineties, e.g. in Sarah Young films; the tendency of films not to give cast lists in the credits and, if they did, not to give them in order of appearance; the tendency to make several versions of the same film and/or to make several films out of scenes shot on the same occasion, combining them in different ways for different markets and then making mistakes in the credits.

Rocco Siffredi is a bad offender in both respects. To sort out the various versions and combinations of Rocco More Than Ever, Rocco More Than Ever 2, Rocco More than Ever in London, Rocco's Private Fantasies (the European version contains no British girls, but the American version does) and Rocco's Private Fantasies 2 all of which seem to overlap in one way or another. The last (in one version at least) even contains some footage from a Buttman film or footage shot at the same time as that film - Facedance I think - shot in USA.

This list began by making additions to MadMax's list compiled from videos owned, video catalogues, vidcaps downloaded, filmographies downloaded, the International Adult Film Database website (weak on films that have not been released in USA), the whoisshe website, online video catalogues, e.g. Gamelink, Your Scene,; Linzi Drew's Knave column, memory of videos once owned, Babylon Blue, David Flint, Creation Books International, 1999; Come Play with Me: The Life and Films of Mary Millington, Simon Sheridan, Fab Press, 1999, and contributions from participants in e.g. Enzo, John, Collector, the Colonel. It has now grown far beyond MadMax's list and has also incorporated the last copy of Zappa's list kindly provided by MrC.

Some amateurs who have appeared in only one video have not been included. There is inevitably much duplication caused by obtaining titles credited to the same girls from different sources which use different aliases. These are eliminated as evidence is obtained. In addition, many 'amateur' videos have been released two or more times under different titles, not all examples of these have been identified.

Where possible the nationalities of non-British but British-based girls has been indicated.

This leads to the question of the basis of inclusion. British-born are included wherever they made their main careers. Those with a temporary British connection, e.g. Page 3 appearances, are included where it has been traditional on the TVX newsgroup and Page 3 type websites to regard them as honorary Brits, e.g. Solange, as are Irish nationals like Tiffany Walker and Molly O'Brian. (I know it is politically incorrect to regard citizens of the Republic as British, but they can vote in British elections if resident in the UK, and Eire has similar repressive attitudes to porn). Those born elsewhere but resident in Britain, even if only for a time, are included if they made videos in Britain, e.g. Valerie Barre. This might include residents elsewhere who made several British videos. Since I don't have the home addresses of pornstars I cannot tell which. Ben Dover debutantes who flew in to make the video and never made another British video are excluded.

Any additions and corrections are welcome, but please try to be sure of your facts first, i.e. look at the video again and listen to the voice. It is amazing what tricks the memory can play. Possibles are welcome if you say that that is what they are.

An attempt (very incomplete) has been made to indicate where titles are available in DVD format as well as or instead of (no distinction is made) VHS by placing 'DVD' after the title.

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