< Amazing Omar's Triumphs 5. Butt Jammin' Adventure R18 DVD available

Notes: DVD with no. 6
Alternate Titles
  • Amazing Omars Triumphs: Big Black Shagger
  • Big Omar's British Adventures - Butt Jammin' Girls DVD available USA, VCA
  • Big Willy - Auf der Jagd nach neuen Ă„rschen
  • Big Willy: Butt Jamin' Adventure
  • Big Willy: Hunting for New Arses
Notes and Reviews

Bayleaf's Notes:

In 2003 Omar Williams began re-releasing his material as R18 DVDs through Big Willy Productions. Some DVDs have been well re-authored and issued as single programmes with an interview with Omar, bonus footage, and a witty menu featuring a naked Omar being chased by an angry man and Omar picking his nose! Other programmes have been left untouched and simply transferred to DVD. This programme is in original format.

Cataloguing has been made less than straightforward as some scenes have been released in new titles while others are doubled-up with two programmes on a single DVD. As a result run times vary from 90 minutes to over 3 hours.

2004 DVD release with Amazing Omar's Triumphs 6: Gym Sex Adventure.

Omar is kicking a ball around when he catches the eye of Layla Gates and he goes over to her flat for sex. Good hard fucking on the sofa during which cameraman Bert gets a swift suck. Later Omar sweeps Layla off her feet before returning her to the sofa for a doggy arsefuck. Ends in facials from both Omar and Bert. The boys are disturbed by the return of Layla's mum!

Outside a convenience store Omar meets Lisa Marie who has a magazine with pictures of him in it and is keen to sample Omar's length. Back at her place Lisa shows Omar her (large) collection of dildos. Lisa strips to her red underwear and black boots, before Omar impales her on the bed. Relatively brief (7-8 minute) sex ends in facial, then Omar films Bert delivering a second facial.

Omar is outside West Hampstead station on his way to see a 6' blonde. However, the boys' attention is taken by Francesca Neeme (in a suit) on her way home from work and they follow her off the train at Hendon. A few minutes later, having abandoned the blonde, they find Francesca at home and persuade her to have sex. Scene ends with both Bert and Omar spunking over her tits. This is a very good scene; Francesca gives a lovely performance in which, despite knowing that she's going to get shagged senseless, remains delightfully coy right up to the moment Omar slips his cock into her as she sits in an armchair.

Back on the tube and round to Gina G's house where decorator Tony de Serghio is stripping her walls. Omar persuades Gina to take off her clothes while Tony carries on scraping the walls. Once down to her bra and stockings, Omar fucks her on the sofa. Anal begins and while on Omar in reverse cowgirl, Bert (wearing his uncircumcised cock today), fucks her pussy too. Omar, then Tony, supply facials, then Bert provides a third before Gina's boyfriend returns and all three flee though the kitchen.

Excellent performances from Francesca, Layla and the horny Gina G.

Scott Rider's Notes:

Scene 1: Omar goes to a flat in the Docklands and meets Layla Gates whose boyfriend is away. Small talk then oral, sex missionary, doggie and cowboy, facial. Bert the cameraman also gives her a facial. Panic as the door bell rings and it's the boyfriend who has come home early.

Scene 2: Omar goes to a shop and meets Lisa Marie outside who recognises him from a magazine she's just bought. Back at her place, oral, sex in all positions, anal, facial. Bert the cameraman also gives her a facial. Panic as the doorbell rings and it's the boyfriend back early.

Scene 3: Probably the best scene of the film (imho). Omar picks up Francesca Neeme on a train who is a bit fed-up after an interview for a new job and because her fella is away. Back at her place she says she wants to get into modelling so Omar offers to show her the ropes. Sexy build-up with poses in Lingerie, then oral, sex all positions, facial. Bert provides a tit cum shot. Panic as the door bell rings and it's the boyfriend returning early.

Scene 4: Omar turns up at Gina G's house whilst she is having some decorating done. She is in lingerie and has a nipple ring. Oral, sex most positions, anal. The decorator then joins in, DP, two facials, then another by the cameraman. Panic as the doorbell rings.

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