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Released: 1998
Director: Steve Perry
Notes and Reviews

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  • Kelly Aris arrives at Ben's office/studio to audition for a dancing part in his show Ben Behaving Badly. The usual chat and banter follows before she goes upstairs to change into sexy gear. Downstairs again she dances (no music, but a good excuse for the camera to linger on her bum) and strips and events proceed in the usual manner to Ben getting a blow job. At this point Pascal, supposedly the French producer of the show, arrives and pauses only to kiss her hand before stripping off himself. Blow job and two-at-once blowjob follow before she is fucked in various positions and then anally after fingered preparation, ending an excellent scene with facials.
  • Marino and Ben arrive to meet Layla~Jade who has contacted Marino as an agent. On being reminded that her name is Layla, Ben quotes Clapton - 'Layla, I'm down on my knees.' - though he doesn't go as far as playing air guitar. He doesn't know what she looks like as Marino has kept her picture to wank over. She approaches for her debut porn scene on foot and gets in the back of the car. Lots of dirty talking, flashing and groping follow. Ben asks if he can investigate what she's wearing under her coat and Layla says 'You can investigate as much as you like.' She briefly wanks and sucks their cocks by leaning forward between the seats. Back at the house they find Bob lying on the couch and he is dismissed but must have sneaked back in to wield the second camera. Marino and Layla have it away mainly on the stairs, including anal and stand up missionary, before the final facials.
  • Pascal and Marino have been to fetch Ben as he has run out of petrol on the motorway. Bob lets them in, pretending that Katrina (Jeanny Bukes) and Gina G have rung up to cancel. However, they are soon brought in from another room in their jodhpurs which they've been asked to wear as another excuse for the camera to linger on their bums. But Katrina can't be doing with much of that and wants to suck cock straight away. A vigorous foursome follows including anals and DPs for both girls - DP for Gina both ways round. They share four facials and swap cum.
  • Ben and Pascal go to visit Sophia (Layla Gates) in the London flat she is sharing. Ben's show is having a Top 10 Bottoms spot and Sophia has been nominated by the customers at the table dancing club where she works. This is the excuse for the strip, which soon turns to sex with Pascal and bj for Ben. The sex includes anal and facials, with Ben giving an eyeful again. Layla's cheerful personality shines through and she more than keeps up with the banter.

Gina G is no longer in the first flush of youth but makes up for this with her enthusiasm and the other four girls are top drawer, though the drawers don't stay on for long. Four hot scenes.

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