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Scene 1

A black girl with luxurious curls (Layla Gates) and a blonde with glasses (Tracy Williams) join a sports teacher with glasses and a ponytail for some exercise. Tracy is wearing a t-shirt and shorts, Layla a short dress and a pair of panties. Right from the start the teacher is very interested in her panties.

They start the training session. When the second exercise begins, Tracy has already removed her t-shirt and Layla her dress. After the third exercise the teacher takes off his trousers and Layla starts blowing his cock.

The film shows us just about everything three people can do with each other: Layla blowing, Tracy blowing, both blowing, Layla licking Tracy's crotch, Tracy licking Layla's crotch, the teacher licking both crotches, French kissing, playing with the girls' breasts, a handjob, fingering...

Tracy removes her shorts, but like the teacher she keeps her glasses on. Layla does not remove her panties.

The teacher screws the girls by turns. Tracy is being shagged missionary and doggy style and also in the ass for a short time. The teacher pulls aside Layla's panties to fuck her missionary and cowgirl style.

The scene ends with the teacher jerking off and squirting his sperm over Layla's belly and panties. The girls lick the last drops from his penis.

Scene 2

Laura Turner (blond, short skirt and top) and Stephanie [2] (red-headed, tattoo on her back, tongue piercing, short dress) are caressing and French kissing. Laura licks Stephanie's crotch, and then her pussy. Stephanie removes her panties and rubs Laura's fanny with them. She licks Laura's pussy. Laura takes off her top.

All at once Stephanie's panties are on again. The girls are cuddling when a man (Chris News) enters the room. This man does not hesitate long and pulls down his trousers. Stephanie blows him, while Laura eats her pussy.

Next, the girls are blowing the man together. Laura wets his cock with her saliva.

Laura removes her skirt, but not her panties. Stephanie wears her panties and her bra during the rest of the scene. The man pulls aside Laura's panties and fucks her doggy style. Then Stephanie gets the same treatment. Laura creeps under Stephanie and gets licked by her.

The man comes. Laura catches the sperm in her mouth and starts to play with it. The man goes on fucking.

A little later he is lying on his back and being blown by Stephanie. Laura is fucking Stephanie with a purple strap-on dildo.

The man creeps under Stephanie and takes her in her pussy, while Laura takes her in her arse. The man goes on fucking, while Stephanie starts to lick Laura's dildo. The man switches to her arse and now it's Laura's turn to fill the other hole.

Finally Laura pulls aside her panties and the man takes her in her arse, cowgirl style. After a while Stephanie finishes the job with her hand. The man squirts his sperm over Laura's pussy and panties.

Scene 3

Nina, a girl with short auburn hair and a ring through her clitoris hood, is lying on a bed in a black & white dress. She pulls aside her panties and plays with her pussy.

A man enters the bedroom. Nina has a bit of fright, but is reassured when the man produces his cock. He starts eating her pussy. She plays with one of her tits while he is eating.

Nina kneels over his head and he eats her pussy again.

Suddenly the man is completely naked and Nina is naked except her panties (her breasts are very small). She blows him.

The fucking starts, always with Nina's panties pulled aside. Cowgirl style first. Then from behind, both lying on the bed. Doggy style next, in her arse. Missionary for a moment. The man wanks off and squirts his sperm over Nina's panties. He takes off her panties and she stuffs them into her mouth.

The man goes on fucking missionary style like nothing has happened - and that's where the film ends.

For me, those panties have no added value, but Laura Turner can do no wrong.

Review by Middle_Aged_Dutchman

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