< Jealousy

Released: 1977
Director: Lasse Braun
Notes: loop, 19 mins. included in both Your Scene's 70s British Porn collections as well as Sin Dreamer and Sex Maniacs, part of the 'London 1977' loop series
Alternate Titles
  • Black Shaving loop, 8 mins. original non-sex elements edited.
  • Eifersucht Mike Hunter, MH 808
Notes and Reviews

It begins with a brunette (NK0159) wearing a mask which she soon takes off. Sex with two men follows in a luxurious bedroom. Her husband returns home and discovers them at it, though they don't know it. He goes back downstairs and accosts the black maid (NK0160), shaving her pubes and getting her to suck his cock. He also opens a bottle of champagne as his wife comes downstairs and discovers them at it in the kitchen. Her mouth is open in surprise and the champagne cork ends up between her lips.

Also see Sin Dreamer.

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