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Released: 2004
Director: Terry Stephens
Notes: Rude Britannia/OEJ
Alternate Titles
  • Terryvision's Naughty Shorties 4
Notes and Reviews

Billed as "from the pages of Two Blue Hardcore - after the photoshoots", so this is meat and potatoes fucking from Terry Stephens. Fortunately he has some fine performers to film. Each scene is around 20 minutes long.

First up is the charming Majella getting a good seeing to from Lee Henshaw. Majella starts in a pretty lacy black dress and knickers, but these are removed all too soon so that Lee can fuck her on the bed. This scene ends with a messy cumshot over Majella's feet!

Holly with Liam, her presumably real life partner as I have seen her perform with no-one else, are on a bed in their garishly designed bedroom. The pair have a very enjoyable fuck and Liam is well-enough endowed to get some deep penetration. Scene ends with Liam spunking over Holly's tits.

Karl shags the lovely Layla Gates on John Mason's studio bed. She soon slips out of her blue wrap and knickers and Karl fucks her in the usual positions, but it makes a change seeing Layla getting a black shagging, finishing with a good facial.

Jessica and Mark Sloan are in the bedroom and greedy Jessica has Mark every which-way concluding in cowgirl. Mark pulls out and cums over her bum. Lovely.

Michelle has a session with Calvin on a bed, this time filmed by Terry. Nice hard action with Michelle gasping appreciatively as Calvin slides in and out until he withdraws and cums over her bum.

Shakina and Jenny (fully clothed) are sucking (naked) Karl's cock. The girls get into themselves as much as Karl, but eventually he starts shagging Shakina. Meanwhile Terry starts giving Jenny a grope and by the time Shakina and Karl pause, Jenny has Terry in her mouth. A foursome starts on the bed as the players squeeze on. Positions are limited to missionary, but it does allow the girls to keep close and kiss and lick each other. The couples swap for a while before Karl gives Shakina a facial and Terry one for Jenny. An excellent performance from Jenny who has made very few boy-girl appearances, which is a shame given her slim waist and large tits.

This final scene is a little longer than the rest, which is as it should be, and the dvd is worth it for this scene alone.

Review by Bayleaf

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