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Released: 2001
Notes: Sunrise Films (2004 release by Rude Britannia) 75mins
Notes and Reviews

This is Britporn at its most cocky. Everyday working lads doing what they do best, skiving-off and rogering housewives while they're s'posed to be working. Our two heroes, Jack M Long and Jack M Hard (played by Mark Sloan) are kitted-out in Union Jack boxers just to ram the British message home. That said, they get to shag some excellent girls in scenes that were filmed two or three years back.

The opening credits show Rebekah Jordan, but she doesn't appear in any of the scenes, so perhaps there will be a volume 2.

Tosher's Tale

Jack Long is hired to paint Tracey Williams' bedroom. After a bit of banter, Jack gets Tracey's tits out and strokes her pussy. There's extensive foreplay before Jack produces a couple of dildos which he uses on Tracey (dp). Eventually Tracey wants the real thing which she gets in cowgirl, then other positions, ending with it up her arse in reverse cowgirl. Jack then wanks into her mouth.

Steamy Windows

A third workman (Jack M Off?) gets a call to clean some windows. From inside the house we see Layla Gates speaking on the phone, when she drops her towel and Jack gets an eyeful. Layla invites Jack in for a cup of tea, one thing leads to another and the pair have sex on the sofa. Once again there is a lengthy lead-up which includes a big pink vibrator before the sex, which starts with doggie on the sofa then brief missiomnary on the carpet before Jack cums copiously over Layla's belly.

Bricky Boy

Gina G tells Jack M Hard that she wants a wall built, but is reluctant to let Jack leave the bedroom. She grabs his cock and strips him to his boxers then hitches her skirt up and pulls her pants aside so Jack can lick her pussy, then once again a dildo miraculously appears. Jack removes his and Gina's pants and sex begins in cowgirl then doggy before Jack produces a generous amount of spunk over her tits.

Night Nurse

Jack Long meets nurse Laura Biggs in the street and gives her a lift home, where they both get quickly naked, apart from Laura's black hold-ups. After giving Laura the usual dildo treatment, the pair have sex in most positions ending with reverse cowgirl where Jack pulls out and spurts over her pussy.

Two for the price of one

Both lads turn up at Anna Smith's office on the pretext of plumbing work. Anna is on the phone, but they guys start to feel her up so she removes her skirt and starts to suck cock, one at a time then together. Anna then sits on Jack Long's cock while keeping the other in her mouth and this is repeated on the desk and floor with only Jack Hard getting his cock sucked. Both guys then cum in her mouth.

Given the long build-ups and relatively brief penetrative sex, I imagine these scenes were originally shot for tv. Condoms are used everytime. Fun scenes with some popular girls who don't have a lot of R18 material released.

Review by Bayleaf

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