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Released: 2002
Notes: Your Choice
Alternate Titles
  • Filthy English Fuckers 7 Black Widow Productions
Notes and Reviews
  • Linda - A brunette with tattoos on her right shoulder and north-west of her navel and a stud in her right nostril. Solo masturbation.
  • Teresa - Layla Gates. looking wonderful in a fishnet body stocking top, masturbation, anal dildo.
  • Shakina and Jenny - Shakina Shergold and Jenny [5] - g/g, licking, fingering, dildos.
  • Sarah and Freddie - Ann McCormick comes round to Freddie's place in her school uniform, taking her mother's place as the cleaner. b/g with stationary camera, including anal.
  • Janette and Phil - Amateur couple b/g including anal and part facial.
  • Tracy and Peter - Probably another amateur couple, though Tracy has a very sexy body. It begins solo and she fingers her own arse, dresses in various outfits and uses the heel of a shoe, the stock of a whip, anal beads and a dildo on herself. The cameraman then gets a bj and he fucks her, cumming over her tits. She then pees in the bath, changes her outfit, strips and talks seductively. More b/g stuff follows ending with cum in mouth.
  • Jade, Mick and Tony - A mature blonde poses then has sex with two men in turn. A DP is attempted. Facials.
  • Marge and Neil - A mature brunette, b/g, cumshot over belly.
  • Amy and John - A crop-haired brunette, b/g, fisting and facial.
  • Spice and friends - Mature Indian woman, b/b/g, facials.
  • Jennifer and Brian - Jennifer should be a model, but I've never seen her before. She has a tattoo behind her right shoulder. She has sex with a black man on a bed to facial, then has sex with a white guy who goes down on her. These are intercut.

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